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Conifer Trimming in Medway

Specialist Conifer Tree Trimming & Topping Covering Medway & Maidstone

Conifer trees can be a real asset to any property, however they can often grow to extensive and unmanageable heights. Complete Tree Work’ conifer topping and trimming service offers customers the chance to have their conifer collection maintained without the hassle and danger of attempting to climb and trim the trees themselves.

There is often speculation about reducing the height of conifer trees or hedges, and the effects that it will have on the tree’s health and life span. We can assure all of our customers that through our years of experience and knowledge of working with conifers we can tell you that in many cases it is best for the tree and the owners of the property to have their conifers topped and trimmed, as it makes the tree or hedge look better, and it makes them much more manageable.

The team at Complete Tree Work are well-experienced in conifer topping and trimming. We use specialist equipment to climb or access each tree, and with our professional topping saws and other topping tools we remove an agreed measurement off the top of the conifer. Our skills enable us to do this safely and efficiently, with as little disruption to the surrounding area as possible and always with a neat, even and symmetrical finish.

If you wanted your conifers trimmed as opposed to topped, we can just as easily do this for you.  Conifers are usually trimmed once they have already been topped (in the case of big trees and hedges), the topping is the initial work and the trimming is the maintenance of the trees after, as long as the re-growth isn’t left to get too big. For optimum results this should be carried out yearly, sometimes even twice a year. In the case of small conifers they can be trimmed without the need for chainsaws if they have maintenance work carried out while they are still reasonably young,

We always trim the conifer back to the point which most suits the tree and make sure that any work we carry out keeps the tree looking balanced and healthy.

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