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Stump Removal

Stump Removal For A Very Competitive Price Covering Medway & Maidstone

There are numerous reasons for having tree stumps removed. Perhaps the stumps were deliberately created for decorative purposes in the garden but you no longer want them there. Perhaps you have had a go at removing the bulk of a tree yourself, or have moved into a property where the previous owners began to remove a tree but didn’t complete the process. Whatever the job Complete Tree Work can help. We will finish the job for you with our stump removal service, even if we didn’t dismantle the rest of the tree ourselves.

Stump removal can be a tricky process, removing the tree itself is one thing, but the stump and the roots can be a more challenging job. If you have a tree stump in your property that you need removed it is essential that you have it removed properly, as failure to extract every aspect of the stump and roots to the required depth  might mean you have trouble building or planting in that area in the future.

Our years of experience have given us a variety of techniques with which we use to remove tree stumps of any type in any area. We determine the scale of the job before we decide which method would be most suitable to use, 95% of the time its stump grinding and root extraction. Whichever method we determine to be best for your circumstance, our stump removal methods are quick and fuss-free.

Whatever the type of tree, wherever its location, Complete Tree Work are experts in removing all types of tree stumps. Call us today for some free advice.