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Professional Tree & Hedge Trimming Covering Medway & Maidstone

Having your hedges and trees trimmed can make a dramatic difference to the look of your property. They can transform a garden from looking overgrown and untidy to somewhere that you look forward to spending time in. Complete Tree Work offers a range of trimming services that will transform the outside space in your property.

Our hedge trimming service is particularly popular. To many this seems like quite a trivial task, but in actuality it is quite a difficult task to do well and with precision. Our years of experience have given us extensive knowledge on how best to trim hedges of all types and all sizes. We assess what style will best suit each area, and don’t ever apply a one-style-suits-all to the work we carry out. We use a range of tools to ensure an even, symmetrical finish, but we don’t dismiss the benefits of old-fashioned loppers and a step-ladder. We determine what will be best based on what we see at each job. Whether the hedges just need a bit of maintenance, or if you want them shaped into something a bit more elaborate and decorative, Complete Tree Work can help.

Our crown lifting service is excellent for people with numerous trees on their property, for trees that block light from entering the property, for properties where a tree’s branches are in the way of building a small structure, or is preventing cars from getting on the drive. Essentially, crown lifting is the removal of lower branches to raise the canopy of the tree. This way, the tree still looks natural, but has had the problem of low branches eliminated. Our crown lifting service can allow more light to enter a property where it was once blocked by branches, it can improve the look of a cluster of trees in a garden, and it can make room for vehicles to enter a premises.

We also offer a tree reduction service. We use professional pruning tools to shorten longer branches into a neater, more manageable shape, and to shorten other branches right back to the trunk so that the overall density of the branches appears thinner. Having the tree canopy reduced and thinned allows more light to pass through the tree, and will make the surrounding area appear a lot neater.

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