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Small Trees, Large Trees? We Can Remove Any Size Tree Covering Medway & Maidstone

Whilst they are often aesthetically pleasing, having trees on your property can sometimes be a nuisance; they might be blocking the light from your house, the roots may be  breaking through the concrete on your driveway, or you might be renovating and have a tree in the way of your new building plans. If this is the case, Complete Tree Work can help. We are experts in removing trees of all sizes with the due care and attention each job needs. The nature of the job requires exacting precision in making sure that the tree is removed safely, efficiently and if required in a way that the tree will not grow back. We use a variety of professional methods to ensure that your tree problems are resolved.

Large trees are quite common in old or large properties, but they are often problematic. Their size alone can bring many issues. Like people, trees, plants and shrubs are susceptible to viruses, and can sometimes die and rot as a result of such viruses. There are many reasons as to why you would want to have a large tree removed from your property, which is where we can help.

Complete Tree Work are experts in removing large, awkward, dead and dangerous trees, in open or confined spaces. The dismantling of a tree can be a difficult task, but through our years of experience we have acquired an extensive number of skills that have given us a range of methods to choose from, depending on the circumstances of each particular job. For large trees we can do sectional dismantling, direct felling, and have a range of advanced lowering techniques we use.

We are specialists in the removal of all types of large trees, for example Oak, Beech, sycamore, ash and poplar. We also offer a tree removal service for smaller trees. Perhaps you have a small tree in your garden that has died, or maybe the previous owners of your property had some trees planted in a space that you have other plans for. Whilst smaller trees don’t often require the use of heavy equipment to remove them, they still require the same level of care and precision to ensure that minimal damage is done to the surrounding ground and if required guarantee that the tree will not grow back.

Complete Tree Work will cater for the removal of any tree of any size in any location. Our years of experience have given us an extensive bank of skills that make us experts in the art of tree dismantling. Whatever the tree, whatever the problem, whatever the size, we can remove it for you.

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